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Img20.jpgThe Gospel - What are the essential elements of the Christian Gospel that, if they are understood and believed, will constitute saving faith? What are other non-essential elements that may be true, and vital, but are not part of saving faith? This page includes articles and Bible-studies that may help you answer those questions and others.

Is election necessary to saving faith? What about the Trinity? The extent of the atonement? The mode of baptism? Perseverance of the saints? Is the Gospel more than 'accepting Jesus into your heart'? Is it less than God's entire Plan of Redemption?
Must the gospel call include both sanctification and justification (i.e. repent and believe)?

Are you saved if you believed the gospel but never repented of your sins? Do those who leave the church suddenly un-believe, or did they never believe? Did the gospel which they heard, somehow misrepresent the truth? Was it a false gospel, or perhaps a bare emotional plea? Was it an incomplete gospel? And how would you know?