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Apologetics is the defense of the faith against those who attack it from outside. The term is sometimes used to refer to attempts to evangelize the unsympathetic. A related discipline is Polemics, which is the defense of the faith against those who undermine it from within. Cynically, you might say that it is the defense of church orthodoxy or dogma against heretics -- those who disagree with the declared doctrine of the church (as distinct from the declared doctrine of Scripture). The Reformers were therefore Catholic heretics, and Reformation doctrine became the orthodoxy of Protestantism. Those who disagree with that orthodoxy are now labelled heretics by the Protestants. The arguments of Polemics will be found on the Doctrine page since, in my own estimation, the doctrine of the Reformers is the doctrine of Scripture. Of course, you may be inclined to disagree. That's OK. "May God be true and every man a liar" (Rom 3:4).

Here's a useful apologetics website: "Coffee Cup Apologetics" at http://ccapologetics.wordpress.com/ 

Some additional apologetic arguments are contained on the Cults Page. There is an excellent article addressing the differences between Catholics and Protestants from CRI (showing that Catholicism is not a cult and it is not monolithic). also has a number of apologetic arguments. Apologetics requires a broad knowledge of the world, and a keen sense of the dividing line between that knowledge and the knowledge of God. Remember, Christianity is a reasonable belief system that can be argued and articulated in a rational fashion. But it is also revelation, not an intellectual conclusion.

Nonsense Challenges to Inerrancy:

Maybe you've heard that domesticated camels didn't exist in the Near East until the 9th century BC. So when camels are mentioned in Gen 12 and 24, it's supposed to invalidate the reliability of Scripture. The Greek word for such nonsense is thppppffftt! The claim is based on that always reliable method of carbon-dating. The problem is... well, click here to read how such renowned "scientists" can be so patently wrong: they tend to leave behind common sense and contradictory evidence.