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John Owen was a Puritan giant during the period in which the Westminster Confession was written, c. 1643. Having modernized a number of his works, I'm tempted to call him the "Master of the Unreferenced Pronoun," or to describe him as a writer who was compelled never to say in ten words what could be said in a hundred. Even so, Owen's writings are a must. To gain an appreciation for his contributions, read the Life of Owen below.

Reading Parrot

These works have been updated to modern English. If you compare them to the original published works and find errors, or think I have misstated Owen's thoughts, please let me know: webmaster@onthewing.org .

Memoirs of the Life of Owen - Wm. Orme 1820 (2.4 megs)  azw3  epub  mobi
Life of  Owen - Thompson 575k  azw3  epub  mobi 
The Redemptive Covenant - McMahon on Owen 65k
Owen (vs. Baxter) on Justification - Matthew Mason 300k

Owen's "Sin Trilogy":
Of Temptation 425k  azw3  epub  mobi 

Church Government (ch. 4-9) - Officers 880k  azw3  epub  mobi 
Communion with God
 875k  azw3  epub  mobi
Death of Death in the Death of Christ 2100k  azw3  epub  mobi 
Display of Arminianism 975k  azw3  epub  mobi 
Duty of a Pastor 1682 70k (ordination sermonazw3  epub  mobi 
Duty of Pastors 125k (more detailed than Duty of a Pastorazw3  epub  mobi 
On Remarriage After Divorce (Vincent) 25k
Election and Particular Atonement in the Gospel Call 70k
Evidences of the Faith of God's Elect 425k  azw3  epub  mobi 
Glory of Christ (
modernized by Jason Roth; available in print) - link
Justification by Faith Alone 1000k  azw3  epub  mobi
Pneumatologia (On the Holy Spirit) - Part 1 (bks 1-5) 4.3 megs  azw3  epub  mobi (2.7 megs)
Pneumatologia (On the Holy Spirit) - Part 2 (bks 6-9) 3.7 megs  azw3  epub  mobi (1.8 megs)
Spiritual Mindedness - (Mind of the Spirit) 1.6 megs  azw3  epub  mobi  (excellent!)
Temptation (modernized by Jason Roth; available in print) - link