Never attribute to malice what can
be explained by incompetence. - Hanlon's Razor

Stupidity is far more dangerous
than malice -- D. Bonhoeffer

The truth doesn't preclude it from
being a conspiracy. -  J. Caesar (humor)
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There are no political solutions to spiritual maladies. But there are biblical principles that ought to govern our political solutions.

On the Ethics Page are a number of articles on theonomy. Those address the proper extent of Christian participation and control in the community. This Politics Page is more about the relation between the State and the Individual, the interaction between our public and private spheres. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's. But don't give Caesar more than his due.

Click here for some of my personal observations about politics.

Academy of Ideas - These are secular analyses, but they may help you grasp what's been going on worldwide:

Political and Legal Articles

Federalist/Anti-Federalist Papers