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Philosophy can have as its subject, the nature of ontology, politics, sociology, economics, morality, religion, pschology, or science.
That means philosophy isn't an area of study in itself, but a means by which to examine other subjects.
Yet, to make such an examination, one must have a sound epistemology, a theory of knowledge: how do we know, what we know?
Philosophy is therefore, at its core, the rational investigation of questions about existence, and knowledge, and ethics.

Here's the problem: Highly intelligent people are more likely to be self-deluded; they're over-confident in their  ability to reason.
Here's the rule: Being better at reasoning, also makes you better at rationalizing. Smart people can believe stupid things.
The Bible says knowledge puffs up; love builds up; but wisdom (the right application of knowledge) comes from God. "Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God..." (1Pet 5.6)
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